About Hot Springs

America's First Resort

Hot Springs Climate & Culture

Hot Springs has four distinct seasons, all generally mild. Average rainfall is 54 inches a year with the heaviest rainfall usually in April and May. Average relative humidity is 75%.

High Low Month High Low
Jan 40° 29° July 85° 70°
Feb 44° 24° August 88° 72°
March 50° 30° Sept 75° 62°
April 60° 40° Oct 68° 55°
May 69° 50° Nov 50° 40°
June 75° 62° Dec 42° 28°

Hot Springs Demographics

According to Acxiom's updated Personix Consumer Research, Hot Springs demographics leans more towards Late Career and Retirement age groups. Out of the 21,029 households (that's total in a house, not individual) the following percentages apply:

Youth (Under 25): 6%

Career Builders (Mid 20's-30's): 19%

Earning Years (30's-40's): 17%

Late Career (40-60's): 26%

Retirement: (60+): 31%



We fell in love with the people in Diamondhead the first time we visited. The day we retired, we moved right out of Texas and right into Heaven. Now we have green mountains, wildlife, four seasons and loads of friends. Would we do it all over again? You bet!

- Mary & Gary Pracht, Retired Couple
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