About Hot Springs

America's First Resort

Hot Springs Climate & Culture

Hot Springs has four distinct seasons, all generally mild. Average rainfall is 54 inches a year with the heaviest rainfall usually in April and May. Average relative humidity is 75%.

High Low Month High Low
Jan 40° 29° July 85° 70°
Feb 44° 24° August 88° 72°
March 50° 30° Sept 75° 62°
April 60° 40° Oct 68° 55°
May 69° 50° Nov 50° 40°
June 75° 62° Dec 42° 28°

Hot Springs Demographics

According to Acxiom's updated Personix Consumer Research, Hot Springs demographics leans more towards Late Career and Retirement age groups. Out of the 21,029 households (that's total in a house, not individual) the following percentages apply:

Youth (Under 25): 6%

Career Builders (Mid 20's-30's): 19%

Earning Years (30's-40's): 17%

Late Career (40-60's): 26%

Retirement: (60+): 31%



Moved to Diamondhead to join long time friends.  Now owners of Mueller's Bistro & Bakery, located at 111B Crawford-across from Colton's in Hot Springs.  Stop by to say hello and let them know you are from Diamondhead!!!  Rick is a Golfer and looks forward to tee time.

- Kathy & Rick Burch, New Owners of Mueller's Bistro & Bakery
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