Living in Diamondhead

Explore the many facets of Diamondhead Gated Community
  1. Why should I live in Diamondhead?
    Diamondhead is a safe, friendly, gated community, a golfer’s paradise and a fisherman’s dream.  It has abundant wildlife, and you have a choice of living on the lake, golf course, or interior locations with a breathtaking mountain view.

  2. How big is Diamondhead?
    Diamondhead consists of 2400 acres, has 616 homes and a population of 1800 friendly people.
  3. When was Diamondhead started?
    The first resident moved into Diamondhead in September of 1969.
  4. Is there a time limit to build?
    You may build at your leisure with a builder of your choice.  You have full access to all Diamondhead amenities immediately
  5. What is the population of Hot Springs?
  6. What is the population of Diamondhead?
    1800 residents with 40% retired.
  7. What is the minimum square footage home in Diamondhead?
     1250 in vista and golf homes, 1700 in lake houses.
  8. How much are POA (Property Owners Assoc.) dues?
    Monthly POA Dues     $78.75 Homes, $545.00 per year for Lots
    Monthly Golf Dues*     $113.75
    *These dues are per family.

  9. What is the size of Lake Catherine State Park?
     2,150 Acres, Lake Catherine- 2,000 Acres
  10. How convenient is the location of Diamondhead?
Interstate 30: 10 miles
Little Rock: 48 miles
Dallas: 283 miles
Garvan Gardens 5 miles
VA Med Center 54 miles
Little Rock AFB 70 miles


We still work in the city, but love to come home to our resort. We play golf til dark and then have a great time with our friends at the 19th Hole. This is truly a stress-free way to live. We love it!

- JoAnn & Mike Rhodes, Property Owners
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