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Explore the many facets of Diamondhead Gated Community

Why look to Diamondhead, Arkansas as your perfect retirement destination? We've listed our top 10 favorite reasons- but you need to experience it for yourself! Contact one of our friendly relocation experts and we'll set you up with a free tour (and place to stay!)

  1. Among the Lowest Cost of Living in the Nation: Hot Springs was ranked one of the 10 least-expensive places to live in the nation by the American Chamber of Commerce Research Associates’ Cost of Living Index. Using criteria like landscape, climate, quality of life, cost of living, healthcare, transportation, community services, and recreational activities, Hot Springs also ranks number one as the top affordable place to retire (According to Dr. Warren R. Bland, Professor of Geography at California State University and author of “Retire in Style, 50 Affordable Places Across Amercia”).
  2. Go Green! Ultra-Efficient Green Diamond Homes feature maintenance free & sustainable energy efficient homes in Diamondhead’s Blue Moon Subdivision. Experience guaranteed heating and cooling costs, no yard maintenance, 24 hour gated access, and a plethora of amenities including a private clubhouse, pool, and exercise facility.
  3. Gated Security:  Diamondhead has the advantage of safety and security by being a gated community.  Many people travel when they retire. Our officers watch your property both inside and out. You never have to worry about a storm or freezing pipes.  We watch out for our own.
  4. Perfect weather for every season: Diamondhead’s weather is moderate, with a longer spring and fall providing a very mild climate. The average temperature is 41 in January and 82 in July, with approximately 58 inches of rainfall and 5.2 inches of snow every year.
  5. Recreation abounds: With 5 lakes (Lake Hamilton, Lake Ouachita, Lake Greeson, DeGray Lake, and Lake Catherine) bordering the area, fishing, boating, skiing, and other water sports are common activities in Hot Springs.
  6. FORE! And let’s not forget about golf! Hot Springs is home to 12 championship golf courses, including Diamondhead’s own private course having received national recognition for design and layout. Because of the mild climate Hot Springs residents enjoy golfing and water sports all year long!
  7. Grandkids Magnet: Hot Springs is full of entertainment and attractions. From the country’s first alligator farm, to Garvan Woodland Gardens, Hot Springs is full of fun things to do all year round. Magic Springs Theme Park and Oaklawn Race Track are just two of our many staples.
  8. A Natural for Business: Hot Springs Arkansas enjoys the number one business climate in the South, according to Southern Business and Development magazine. We also have the lowest cost of doing business of all the Southern States. Businesses such as Alcoa, K-Tech, Inc., Munro Corporation, Weyerhaeuser and Xerox are just a few of the companies that benefit from their Hot Springs location.
  9. Strong School Districts: Hot Springs is home to some of the state’s finest schools, making it a great place to raise a family.
  10. Strong Health Care System: With 5 award-winning Hospitals within a 30 mile radius and many additional healthcare facilities providing niche services for senior care, Hot Springs is committed to providing superb health services for its residents.

New resident from Idaho.  Avid walkers and love to hike close by.  They chose Diamondhead for its natural beauty and wildlife and are looking forward to spending many years here.

- Nick & Chantell Treus
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